Folding Bistro Sets

Folding bistro sets are another popular choice for your patio, backyard, deck or balcony area.  They come in many different styles and color choices and they are made out of different materials like wood, steel, aluminum and more.   The nice thing about the design of these types of bistro sets are that they fold easily for storing or for transport.

It really depends on what style of folding bistro set you are looking for.  Maybe you are more partial to bistro sets that have a steel frame with a powder-coated finish versus a bistro set that is made out of solid wood.  Choose a bistro set that reflects your style and taste and then decide exactly where you want to put your set.

Folding bistro sets look great on a patio, small balcony, deck, porch or any other area of your garden or home.  They are easy to store and they are also portable meaning you can take them with you if your have an activity planned where you require a table and additional seating.


What Are Folding Bistro Sets Made From?

Folding bistro sets come in different styles and are made from different types of materials like steel, aluminum, wrought iron, or wood with different finishes.  They are built to withstand the elements so if you want to leave your bistro set outside then you have that option to do so.  A traditional bistro set is made from wood and features a square or round folding table along with two folding chairs.

Steel Bistro Sets

Folding bistro sets that are made from steel and are coated with a powder-coated finish which helps to prevent these bistro sets from rusting as a result of constant exposure to the elements.  Homeowners like bistro sets made from steel because they are very sturdy and durable.

The durable powder-coated finish helps to resist rust, corrosion and chipping that can occur over time.   Folding bistro sets that are made from steel are also very stylish and functional and come in many FUN colors that will add a POP of color to your patio area.

Aluminum Bistro Sets

Homeowners also like the bistro sets that are made out of aluminum because an aluminum frame is also durable but at the same time, very lightweight and hence easy to move around.   Aluminum is a very durable metal so you can leave this type of bistro set outside without having to worrying about it getting damaged by the elements.

In addition, folding bistro sets can also be used for camping, beach or picnic outings because you can fold them quickly for easy transport.

Wrought Iron Bistro Sets

Wrought iron folding bistro sets are another popular choice with homeowners because of their elegant designs and French Bistro look.  Wrought iron is very durable and low maintenance.  The designs of these folding bistro sets are truly beautiful and are very intricate with different patterns like curved lattice or floral designs.  Wrought iron folding bistro sets are powder-coated to protect this furniture from the elements and enhance their beauty with different finishes.

Wooden Bistro Sets

Some people like 3-piece folding bistro sets that are made out of solid wood.  Eucalyptus just as an example is naturally resistant to the weather.  Over time this hardwood will change color if left outside unless you treat it 2-3 times a year with outdoor furniture oil to maintain its color.   |

Folding Bistro Sets Are Portable

If you need some extra chairs and a table then a folding bistro set will come in handy if you have an outdoor activity planned where you require additional seating.  Folding bistro sets are portable because they can be folded which makes them easy to store and also easy to take with you if you are going on a camping trip, to the beach or a picnic outing.

Advantages Of Folding Bistro Sets

Folding bistro sets are great for enjoying afternoon tea, a nice lunch for two or even cocktails after work.  This type of bistro set will look great on your patio, deck, or screened-in porch area or small balcony.  These folding bistro sets are heavy enough that they won’t blow over in the wind.  They are also very easy to move within your space if you decide to relocate the bistro set to another location.

Folding bistro sets fold quickly and compactly so you can take it with you when you go on picnics or camping.   This type of set will also come in handy if you are having a party and you need additional seating.  They are also very comfortable to sit on and you can always add a cushion for additional comfort.

Because folding bistro sets fold up quickly they are also very easy to store when you want to tuck them away during the winter months.   On a personal note, my favorite folding bistro set is the one made out of wood.  Another advantage to having one of these bistro sets is the fact that they are very EASY to keep clean and maintain.

Enjoy your cup of coffee and breakfast on the patio first thing in the morning with a folding bistro set.








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  1. Great post very informative. I personally like my wicker bistro set it doesn’t get as hot in the sun as my old wrought iron one and I do enjoy my coffee first thing in the morning. What is your take on bamboo?

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your views on your patio bistro set. I too like the look of folding bistro sets that are made out of wicker with metal frames that are powder-coated to protect them from the elements. You can get folding bistro sets made out of bamboo too. Personally, I like the look of outdoor wicker bistro sets better than the look of bamboo because I think these sets are more bulky in appearance so my choice would be the folding wicker bistro set. These sets are elegant to look at, lightweight and easy to store.


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